This weekend we have the Duncan, State Championship Road race.


We are going to leave at approx. 4pm after school or as close to that as we can to have everyone.


We will sleep in the gym of the school so we do not need tents, however we need mats, bags and pillows.


We will then be returning Saturday.


After that we are going to take two weeks off.


I want everyone to focus on school, finals and finishing well.


Matthew, Ethan, Samuel Zukowsky and Zaid you all have a training plan built to have you ready for USA cycling camp. Richard and I have come up with the plan and believe that it will have you ready. You will be training through this period.


On the 20th of May we are going to have a coming back together event. A hike up Mt. Wrightson. This will be a mandatory event. Really I just want everyone to come back together and do something super cool. This will propel us to the end of school and we will start structured training (ride bikes!) again then on Saturday the 27th.

Team party on Monday, the 29th! More info in the Insider Newsletter.