I hope everyone is enjoying the break and taking care of school.


Please everyone look at your email as Daniela has sent out a survey to find out what camps you all want to work. Please make sure to fill out the survey so we can do our best to accommodate you all.


This weekend I would like to take everyone on a hike. Families please feel welcome. I want to hike Mt Wrightson with the team. This is the peak of the Santa Rita mountains. It is a tough but spectacular hike.


Here is some information: https://hikearizona.com/decoder.php?ZTN=158


We will meet at 7am.

Leave by 7:30, arrive at trail head at 8:30ish.

Hike takes at least 4 hours.

Hopefully back by 1pm.


Please dress smart, bring plenty of food and water.


Then Sunday May 28th


I hope this is the date that starts our new season. To mark this transition I want to take the team on an adventure ride. The ride starts at the entrance of the Chiricahua National Monument which is just south of Wilcox.


Everyone will want a cross bike with nobby tires or a mountain bike for this adventure. It is a 50 mile ride that takes you over a mountain and then back again. It is one of the best, prettiest, rides I have ever done and I want to share it with you all.


This will be a long day.


We will leave at 6am. Bikes will be packed the day before.


Arrive at start at 8:00 ish and be on bikes by 8:30am.


Ride should be 4- 5 hours long.


We should be in the vans by 1pm and home by 3pm.


Yes this is a long day but I can almost guarantee that you will be shocked by home fantastic it is.


I really hope to have perfect attendance for this ride.

4 Responses to “Mt. Wrightson Hike this weekend”

    • Daniela

      Yes, that’s why we want to keep this hike on Sunday totally optional. Only come if all is in order and/or stress reliever. The ride is after school let’s out, right? Or do you still have school after Memorial Day?

      • Madison

        Sorry, had the dates mixed up. We finish on May 25.

  1. Sue

    I can’t make it to the ride, I am going to a concert with my family that was planned last christmas. Sorry!