Hi ladies,

It looks like we will need all three vans/trailers for the Grupito trip this weekend. I need to know who is planning on going to the Ride Like a Girl event and who can help drive/transport you up to Bicycle Ranch to meet and then out to the 50 year trail.


Please comment here if you are going, if you can drive others and how many, or if you can meet directly at Bicycle Ranch bike shop (Oracle & Ina). Hope to still have a good number of you get to participate and should be able to make that happen. Thanks! Daniela

12 Responses to “Ride Like a Girl – who is going?”

  1. Veronique

    Hi guys! We’ll use my van. But, I need you to respond if you’re coming so we get a good count! And I need you to be there, ready to go BY 7. As in the fun bus leaves at 7! I’ll be at the clubhouse at 6:45. This will be funnnnnn!!!!

  2. Veronique

    Oh and we’ll get you back to the clubhouse by 1. Your parents can also come get you at Bicycle Ranch Ina/Oracle if that’s more convenient. We’ll be done riding by 11:30.

  3. Ali

    I can drive and fit 4 comfortably with bikes. 5 will be cozy, but doable if needed. I still plan to be at the clubhouse to load at 630, leave by 7 (per previous blog post). BYOM (bring your own music).

  4. Pam

    I can transport three girls and one extra bike. I will be at the clubhouse at 6:45.

  5. Brayden james

    I would like to go to the ride but I will need a ride from the clubhouse to bicycle ranch.

  6. Madison

    I would like to go but I need a ride. What time would we leave the clubhouse, same as before?