Few things going on here:


Training plan for the summer at the end.


1st. There was a great crew that made it to 9,457 feet, Mt Baldy, the peak of Mt. Wrightson and the Santa Rita mountain range. What a great hike 11 miles round trip.


2nd. Over the last three weeks Chloe and Izzie have been helping me at a Boys and Girls club. We were tasked with getting 5 girls ready to ride their bikes in the real world and to show them that bikes are awesome. None of these girls were experienced riders and none had ever ridden on the road. Thank you Chloe and Izzie for all your help. We were able to get the girls ready to ride at Barrio Trails, the U of A and they rode 7 total miles. This was huge for them.




Summer Training Plan


As soon as school ends and you have all rocked your finals, we will start to play again.


The first week after school we will need to clean the clubhouse for camp, get our mountain bikes ready to shred, and we will start our cross training period.


The first three weeks we are going to focus on over all body strength and yes, get on our bikes some.


Here is the basic flow of summer practice schedule for the first three weeks:


Monday– Off

Tuesday– Cross Training in the morning

Wednesday– Short track MTB racing 6-8pm

Thursday– off

Friday– Cross Training in the morning

Saturday– Shoot out or C team MTB

Sunday– MTB

3 Responses to “Summer is coming”

  1. Steve Bohn

    Dealing with painful rib after faceplant on Saturday. Got it popped back in but still very sore. Hope to be back at it soon!

  2. Ada

    This sounds great, I’m excited to start. However, I will, for my whole weekend be camping. I didn’t realize we’d actually be driving out of town. So I’ll make sure to get some good hikes in while I’m there and I’ll see you all sokn