Well Whiskey was fantastic.


Congratulations to all who raced and did their best.


I apologize to those who were unable to finish. I will work even harder this coming year to inspire you to put in the extra work.


This weekend there is the State Championship road race in Duncan, Arizona. Many of you have said that they can attend, thank you. Others of you I am still waiting to hear from you.


I would like to attend this race for two reasons. One because it is State Championship and I like the idea of honoring that. Two because Duncan is a small town without a lot going on, and they are trying to build something. I want to help that town build something. So that is why I want us to.


I am thinking that maybe we should go on Friday after school and sleep in the gym of the school. We could then race on Saturday and return on Saturday as well. That way the weekend is not too long and we can do something fun on Sunday.


Please let me know if you want to go on Tuesday at practice.


As things are right now, we have 8 weeks until USA cycling Nationals for a few kids. I have that on my mind and have a new super coach for that group, who will be named shortly.


The rest of us not going to Nationals are starting to think about the High School MTB league and getting ready for that. Really what we need to do now, is chill, ride, have fun and unwind from a hard road season. We will still be ready to race this weekend, because of all of our residual fitness from the race season.


Practice Plan– For those not going to Nationals.


Tuesday– Endurance Road ride.


Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30 MTB rides. The 4:30 ride will get back a bit late, please prepare.


Thursday– Endurance road rides.


Friday– Leave for Duncan



Endurance road rides should have no attacks. They should be a solid ride with riders taking pulls however not trying to crush anyone. They should be monitored on the power so that you are riding steady and slowly lifting the floor of your FTP. We have talked about this in group settings. These rides should be fun. They should allow you to ride and talk and enjoy each other and the scenery.

16 Responses to “Week of May 1st”

  1. Ana

    I can’t make it on Tuesday. I will be taking my physics AP and it ends after 4. Thank you for an amazing weekend! And congratulations to everyone who raced

    • Ana

      And I would also like to do the state championship race

  2. Maddy Mitchell

    I will be going to the state champion road race in Duncan!

  3. Michael Jansky

    I cannot do Duncan, finals are coming up, need to study this weekend. Will not make it on Tuesday, have to volunteer.

  4. Jeremia

    I have my AP American history test on Friday so I won’t be going to the state championship.

  5. Lily

    I won’t be @ practice Thursday b/c I’ve got testing @ UHS. I’m down for going to the state championship though:)

  6. Ada kupers

    Can’t come this weekend but I’ll be at practice, family stuff

  7. Samuel

    I won’t be able to go to Duncan this weekend.

  8. Steve Bohn

    Tuesday afternoon i looking pretty busy for me and by road bike is being worked on @ FWB. I am 50% on making practice today but will do my best!

  9. Matthew

    I can’t go to Duncan. Bad timing with school stuff. Sorry.

  10. Benedict Colombi

    I will be able to attend the race this weekend. Does leaving after school mean 4:00?

    Also I can not make it to practice Wednesday, I have a NJHS Induction ceremony.

  11. Mostyn Trudinger-Smith

    I will not be able to go to Duncan this weekend, because I have finals and APs coming up.

  12. Brayden james

    I would like to go to the race this weekend.

  13. Oliver Clark

    I will not be able to make it to the race this weekend because of friends coming into town.

  14. Mostyn Trudinger-Smith

    Sorry I did not make it to practice today, I got a flat when I was leaving and my spare tube got pinched in my tire, so it also had a hole in it, and then it was too late, but I did ride on a trainer instead.