I want to start by clearly saying that I am going to start to change the vocabulary that I use in regards to this team.


I will no longer be using the term Expectation. I will instead use the word requirement. I have thought when I said, Expectation, that what I meant was Requirement. However there is no reason for me to use a word as a substitute for the word I want to use.


If you are on this team you are required to come to practice. You are required to make a schedule with me and stick to it. You have made a commitment to be on this team, and you should follow through with it. So practice is not a choice it is a requirement.


My requirement is always come willing to be my best and ready to be there for you all emotionally, mentally and physically.


Friday— Two Activities Required!


One Cross Training workout– 3- 4pm


Counselor meeting 4:15pm to 5:15pm



RAGS. There will no longer be rags at the clubhouse for you to clean your bikes. They have been disrespected and abused too much. You are still required to keep your bikes clean and functioning properly, you will just need to bring your own rags.



Parts in the mechanics area. AT NO TIME SHOULD YOU EVER TAKE PARTS WITHOUT ASKING!!!!! Ever really. Please just ask. I will almost always say yes. So please do not do this. This is a rule.


Saturday– Shoot outs

Old Man starts at 5:45am

Big Boy 6am

Colins C Team MTB ride– 6am


Nutrition Seminar 10- 11:30am. Required if you are going to work camp.



Sunday– Team MTB ride 6:30am start



One Response to “Friday and this weekend”

  1. Ana

    I cannot make it tomorrow. I need to help at church. I will do the core workout daniela gave us and go on a run