Ada, Ana, Brayden, Caleb, Camilla, Eve, Kaileen, Maddy, Madison, Mostyn, Oliver, Susie, and for any other new rider who is just joining the team.


Remember you guys are being treated to a training session with one of the best coaches in the country. Jason Tullous will be meeting you all at 6am at Sweetwater.


We need to be there and ready at 6am.


Please arrive at 5:30am so we can load bikes and get there.


I will have 20 Gallons of cold water ready.


You should be home by 10am.


All others we are riding and leaving at 6am.

2 Responses to “Sunday Fun Day Notes”

  1. Lily

    can’t make it to the ride tomorrow. going on a hike w/ my parents for father’s day that morning instead.