Sorry for the confusion about what is going on during the weeks of bike camp. This has been stated in previous blog posts. However, just to be clear, during the weeks of Bike Camp this is the schedule:


So this will be the case for the rest of this week and next week.


Tuesday– 6- 6:45am Cross Training


Wednesday– 5- 8 pm Short track races


Friday– 6- 6:45am Cross Training


Saturday– Shoot Out or Colin’s ride which starts at 6am


Sunday– MTB. EARLY AM START – see below for this coming Sunday’s details


Special Event


This Sunday Jason Tullous will be leading a skills session for many riders at Sweetwater. Jason is a world class mountain bike coach, who also put together and ran the camp for us the year we went to Flagstaff, who’s son Liam rides with Grupito.


This Sunday we need to be ready to go at Sweetwater at 6am so we need to meet at the clubhouse at 5:30am.


He will be doing 2 training sessions for us. This first one is for: Ada, Ana, Brayden, Caleb, Camilla, Eve, Kaileen, Maddy, Madison, Mostyn, Oliver, Susie, and for any other new rider who is just joining the team.


I will be out there along with Ali.


We will be out for 4 hours.


ALL OTHERS – leaving the clubhouse at 6am and riding to trails


2 Responses to “Training Plan and Special Event”

  1. Ana

    I will be leaving for Phoenix Sunday super early so I can’t make it. Hope everyone enjoys it! Jason is super cool

  2. Eve

    I will be leaving for vacation Friday morning so I won’t be able to make the last day of bike camp. I’ll be back on June 27.