We should truly be thinking that the High School season is upon us. Its time to start training with intent and purpose.


Summer is wrapping up and we ramping up.


The little things matter now, and we need to start thinking about them, so that they are part of our routine come the season proper.


We are 9 weeks from the first race right now, which gives up plenty of time. No one should be worried, however we should be begin to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally.


9 weeks out means that we can put together 2 really solid training blocks. This is the real training for the season, these are the most important weeks, if you want to be good during the season, these are the weeks you need to crush.


Do not wait until after the first race to start training hard, it will be too late.


This is the time!!!


Here is the general break down:


Week of July 11th— Week 1 in our build. We are going to ride bikes more focusing on solid tempo.

Week of July 17th— Week 2. We are going to ride bikes even more than in week 1.

Week of July 24th— Durango week, week 3. We are going to ride even more than weeks 1 and 2.

Week of July 31st—Week 3. Rest week also most you start school this week.

Week of August 7th– Week 1. Interval training week

Week of August 14th—Week 2 of interval training

Week of August 21st—Week 3 of interval training

Week of August 28th—Rest week


Week of September 4th—First race of the year is this week. We will be prepping all week.


This weeks Practice Schedule


Wednesday Night Short track we leave the clubhouse at 5pm and return at 8pm ish


Thursday— MTB anyone? Let me know if you want to go


Friday—Cross Training at Mostyns house. His house is just east of Himmel Park on 2nd st. 6am start, or if you like you can ride there with Daniela. She will leave the clubhouse at 5:30am.


Saturday—Shoot out and C team MTB

C team MTB starts at 6am


Sunday—All MTB 6am sharp


9 Responses to “And so It begins”

  1. Caleb

    I won’t be able to come to the short track because I have to watch my brother in a hotel while my parents are at dinner for my moms work but I will be there the rest of the week

  2. Lily

    I’ll be @ the short track, but not thursday-sunday b/c i’ll be in north carolina. I’m riding a loaner bike up there so i’ll get in a couple good rides.

  3. Madison

    I can’t not make it to the short track but will be there the rest of the week

  4. Kim/Kaileen

    The Catalina Foothills kids start school on August 10th

  5. Jack

    I won’t be able to be at the short track but I’d really like to ride tomorrow morning

  6. Quinn

    I won’t make it to short track but I’ll be there the rest of the week. Family thing