6am cross training at Mostyns house. Leave the clubhouse at 5:30 if you want to ride.


Cross training will end at approx. 7am so you can then ride over the clubhouse and chill and eat before:


8:30am Mechanics class at the clubhouse with Richard. We have talked about this, but I very much apologize for not putting it here.


Mechanics class should end at 9:30am.


Lastly I know I have spoken to some of you in regards to your kits for the L’Abitibi kids. Please bring those by tomorrow as we have talked about.



2 Responses to “Friday Fun Day”

  1. LisaAnne

    In case you want an exact address, Mostyn (and I) live at 2833 E. 2nd St.

    • Daniela

      Thanks! Didn’t want to advertise your address, but since you said it…see you in the morning!