Hope you all had a fun and safe 4th of July!

Many are out of town / on vacation right now, but we have some very cool opportunities for those still in town. PLEASE RESPOND ASAP (TODAY) if you are interested so we can confirm them or not. Thanks!


  1. Crossfit Milo – Back by popular request….who would be able to make a fun cross training workout at 10am on Friday? Please respond below with #1 – crossfit yes or crossfit no
  2. Body Works Pilates – Equipment sampler day! Who would want to and be available to learn/do fun, challenging core workouts on Pilates equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, etc). Owner Kyria is offering to have El Grupo there at no cost for a fun session – Monday, July 10th 12pm-2pm  (A private session to do this would cost well over $100/person! – FREE for you to check out!) Please respond below with #2 –  pilates yes or pilates no

These are very cool opportunities and the times that those offering them can do them. PLEASE let us know ASAP if you can be there. Transportation to/from BodyWorks will be provided.

The Short Track practice is still in effect TONIGHT. See you at the clubhouse at 5pm to get shreddin’. HYDRATE, hydrate!!


P.S. As mentioned, El Grupo will drive a van for those riders wanting and able to support Coach Veronique in her time of loss. The service has changed to 2pm on Saturday, July 8th at Starr Pass. Daniela will drive a van leaving at 1:30pm from the clubhouse.

20 Responses to “Options for this week – need your responses, please!”

  1. Ana

    I will probably be back in time for crossfit so
    #1 Crossfit yes
    #2 Pilates yes

    And I would like to join Veronique the 8th please

  2. Myles

    #1-crossfit no
    #2 pilates no

    My head still hurts and we leave for colorado Sunday. I will meet team in Durango.

  3. Eve

    #1Crossfit yes
    #2Pilates yes
    I would also love to join Veronique

  4. Madison

    #1 crossfit yes
    #2 Pilates no
    I would love to join Veronique

  5. Catherine James

    Brayden and Caden – #1 crossfit yes
    Brayden and Caden – #2 pilates yes

  6. Lily

    #1 crossfit no and #2 pilates no because i am out of town until tuesday

  7. Ada Kupers

    Crossfit: yes

    I would like to join Veronique

  8. Eve

    I actually won’t be able to join Veronique, I’ll be out of town

  9. Mostyn

    #1 no – i will be in Phoenix
    #2 yes, probably. I might be out of town.

  10. Cole

    I am very interested in the Crossfit class but will be unable to attend due to work. I will not be available for the Pilates sampler due to Startup Tucson class.