To all of the middle school kids who are staying in town. Donovan and Chloe are available and ready to offer you a great week of riding. If you are in town, you should get to as many of these rides as you can, if not all.

For this coming weekend, please plan on doing the C team ride leaving at 6am and a ride leaving at 7am on Sunday  – both mountain bikes. In fact, all your rides will be mountain bikes.


You will have morning rides on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all starting at 6am and all approx. 3 hours long.


After Tuesday you can all decide on the weeks plan. I want to give you all, Donovan and Chloe the flexibility to put together a great week that works for all you. There will be weekend rides as well, but I will let you all decide.


Donovan and spoke about the week and he is going to try and mimic what happens riding wise in Durango. Which means awesome, beautiful bike rides that push you to new limits.


So enjoy the week and revel in the good work

2 Responses to “Riders in town not going to Durango”

  1. Nathaniel

    I will not be able to make practice Tuesday (July 25) because I have a dentist appointment. I will make Wednesday and Thursday, though.

  2. jesus

    I will not make any of the morning rides. I started school this week. Will there be 36th street track racing on Wednesday?