Saturday and Sunday (as needed) – 9am start (or following rides for riders – yes, we need your help, too!) 


Here are some of the tools that will be needed to build out dressing rooms, kitchen area, bike racks, etc

Chop saw, Screw guns, nail guns, level/square, drywall knives, tape measurers, drills


We will want help painting a few different logo murals, too, so please bring if you have:

Rollers, brushes, paint pans, cleaner, paint tape, etc


We will also just need help with cleaning and organizing and would love your help!


We’ll have coffee and treats to keep us moving! Thanks!

3 Responses to “Clubhouse work this weekend!”

  1. Paul

    We Bevier’s will be showing up Sunday Aug. 13 to help with the new building.

    I have a skill saw, corded drill, sawsall, 8′ level.

    See you then.