Hi all,

We are almost back from a fabulous vacation and it sounds like things have gone more than smoothly while we were away. Thank you to those who are able to help Morgan with the Paint Shed today, too.


We are organizing two days of building changing rooms, bike racks, shelves, benches, etc. – August 12 & 13th starting at 8am

We need help from anyone with the following skills to help make it all happen: carpenters, electricians, plumbing, painters, hard working people and those will to simply help clean!


We will be happy to have coffee, treats and feed you lunch to those who are able to help. More details to come…


Many are just starting school (this past week or the coming one) so practices will be resuming once we get back so enjoy the little break and get the school year started off well.


We are looking forward to catching up with everyone and on to the next great semester, soon! Thanks, Daniela & Ignacio




6 Responses to “Help needed for Build Out of new Clubhouse space!”

  1. Ursula

    What date are practices are resuming? The week of the 14th?

  2. Erika Gallo

    We have tools and pairing gear, let us know what you need.

  3. Erika Gallo

    We have tools and painting gear, let us know what you need.