It sure is go time now.


Over the last block you were building your base strength and over all endurance. We did this by going on consistent long rides, and building over the last three weeks. We finished this block with an awesome trip to Durango or with your own camp here in town with Donovan.


We went into that block having focused on over all body strength and awareness through all the cross training.


Now we want to focus on putting speed on top of all the strength and endurance.


We are going to do this with classic intervals.


I like to start with VO2 max intervals first and then take that fitness bump over to our LT intervals. This is classic El Grupo training rhythms. It has a long history of working.


However this only works if you all put in your end of the work away from practice. Its all well and good to come to practice and work hard, however if you go home and eat a bag of Oreos and stay up late looking at a screen and then get crummy sleep, the bike work does not count.


This is true in all of life. If you have a job but you are constantly hung over or tired you cannot perform your job well, or study well for school.


Life is a whole package not  a la carte.


I have heard from many of you that you hope for a good High School Season. You all have that ability to enjoy it at the level that hope. To do so, YOU have to be mindful.


The next three weeks are going to be interval hard and I want awesome attendance from all. Do what you need to do to have awesome attendance.


There will be a Saturday C team ride, I have to confirm with the coaches the time. But yes there is.


Also the double up on the weekend is often where great gains are made, so everyone do what needs to be done to get to two.


Please read this linked article:


I am sure that it reinforces so much of what you learned in Durango.