I wanted to get something up.


We just got in tonight.


I will be at practice tomorrow.


We are one month out from the first races now.


Its interval fun time.


Its time to get fast and fit.


Tuesday– VO2 intervals with MTB


Wednesday– Trail ride MTB 3:45 and 4:30 starts. Finish time for 4:30 will be 6:30


Thursday– VO2 intervals with MTB


Saturday– Road and mountain rides


Sunday– MTB only

10 Responses to “One month to go and its go time”

  1. ali

    Welcome home! I’ll be out of town this weekend and the beginning part of next week. Unfortunately, with work, I can’t help with the midweek practices.

  2. Chuck

    Oh yeah, interval fun time, yeah
    The more you suffer
    The more it shows you really care, right, yeah
    Yeah : )
    See y’all Tuesday.

  3. Steve Bohn

    As per the last coaches meeting, I will be helping Thursday. Let the suffering begin!

  4. Thorsten

    Will a mechanic be there on Thursday to help with my bike? the valve is being weird and is almost pushed in to the wheel.