The Ride On Cycling skills clinic has been postponed by ROC until later this fall (TBA).


Saturday morning ride options:

5:45am – Old Man Shoot Out (Road bike)

6am – Big Boy Shoot Out (Road bike)


5:45am – If you did the oldest man shoot out last weekend, you are going mountain biking with Ignacio & Ali (Mountain bike)

6am – If you normally go mountain biking with Colin, this is your ride! (Mountain bike)

All Saturday morning rides should be back to the clubhouse around approximately 10am


Sunday morning ride options:

Joint ride with Ride On Cycling  – ONLY those who typically do the oldest man shootout & Daniela  – Meet at the clubhouse at 6:30am – around 50 miles  or 3 hour ride. Pick up around 10am or so. (Road bikes). Ignacio has identified and spoken with those riders during the week – should not be new information

ALL OTHERS who typically go mountain biking on Sundays – Meet at 5:45am. Leave by 6am

Return approximately between 10am – 11am depending on where the rides go, dictated by riders’ energy levels that day