This is a week 3. This is the most important week in your build. Please do all that you can to come this week and to be prepared to work hard.


From what I have seen of late, you are all very fast. You can all pedal well, and have speed. What we need to really work on now, is our dirt game. We need to find our flow and shred. We are going to do this for the next three week while also getting our intervals in.


All this week, during the weekday, we are going to be on mountain bikes.


Training Plan


Tuesday– MTB LT intervals


Wednesday– MTB both 3:45 and 4:30 start times.


Thursday– MTB LT intervals




I will make the weekend plan after Thursday. Practices will start at the same times as always however the intent and bike will be determined on Thursday.


Saturday– C Team 6am start on MTB’s


Sunday– ALL MTB 6am meet

2 Responses to “Way more dirt to come”

  1. Nathaniel

    I can’t come to practice today. I have gotten sick.
    Hope to see you Thursday!