For all the families that are thinking about coming up to camp. This is the information that the league has provided:


FLAGSTAFF CAMPING UPDATE: The campground is nearing capacity (if not already full). If you don’t already have a reservation and plan on camping you may want/need to start searching out other options. There is a large dirt parking lot that is adjacent to the campgrounds that the league has rented for overflow (we’re not actively promoting its availability). I don’t know capacity (or even have a map), but it will be first come first served. There are no water/sewer/electric hook ups so users will need to be self-contained for the duration of the weekend; we will place some portos there.

Because it’s not part of the campground it falls on the league to collect fees to offset our rental cost and we don’t have the extra bandwidth. In lieu of payment we ask that campers in the lot to make a donation to the league (honor system and we got burned a bit on that last year at White Spar in Prescott, but it is what it is).

Togetherness and camping is a big part of our weekends, however the league’s essential focus is putting on a fun and safe race for the kids. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly limiting for us to find venues that have adequate camping onsite for the ever-expanding size of our community. Without intending to sound cold or insensitive, at some point attendees need to take responsibility for planning and securing their accommodations. And when they procrastinate the best options are going to pass them by. As we continue to grow, the rub will grow with it; more and more people are going to be forced to camp offsite and stay in hotels. That’s not going to make some of your families happy, but it is what it is part II.

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  1. Paul

    Could someone from the el grupo community provide a list of the campsites where folks will be camping for this seasons MTB races for the new members? Maybe this information was provided already, however I haven’t seen it.

    Thank you