Here we are.


No more waiting. No more I should do this, or that, its game time now, and what ever we have is what we have and is what we are going to have.


Basically this week, we are not going to find any fitness, we can make sure that we are ready to go and that skills are good.


The most important thing we can do this week to prepare is to be on top of all the little things.


Get extra rest all week, go to bed earlier than normal, have all homework and school work done or topped off, drink plenty this week, no horsing around at school, believe in yourself as an athlete and take care of yourself as such.


Middle schoolers– You will have two weeks of good work to come. So please be prepared for a bit  more of hard work. You are coming off a skills week, so you should be ready.


High Schoolers– I will have packing lists for all of you today. They will be generic ones that you can use all season. This is also a way to bring you calm. If you always pack your bag the same and on time, then this is one less thing to think about. Minimizing these little distractions is huge for preparation. Control the controllables so you can just focus on the task of trying to ride your best.


Training Plan


Tuesday– Openers and Hole Shots


Wednesday– Skills and Hole shots


Thursday– Openers and Hole shots


Saturday– High Schoolers. Lets arrive to the club house at 8am. I WANT TO LEAVE AT 8:30AM. Please be prepared to be efficient in the morning.

Parents if you have a large tent, 6 person or more, please bring it by, we may need it.


Middles Schoolers– If you ride the shoot outs, ride them.

C Team MTB on Saturday morning starting at 6am


Sunday– 6:30am. Middle School Mock Mountain bike race.


Middle schoolers please if you can make two practices this weekend. The Sunday event will be short, but should be very helpful in your preparation for your first race of the season. If you have to choose just one, then middle schoolers just come on SUNDAY.


All information for the race series can be found here:


Also parents if you are going to be going to the races, we will likely need help in the feed zone as well.

5 Responses to “High School Race Number 1”

  1. Leonardo

    I didn’t make it to practice today because I hurt my foot
    see you on Thursday

  2. Steve Bohn

    I have a doctor’s appt. Thursday with Ashlyn and may not be back in time to make practice-will do my best to be there.