I have a very small window right now to get something up, so I am going to just try and get the most important information  up.


But I do have time to say: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To all the Parents, coaches and supporters who took the time over the weekend to help make things such a success. So many THANK YOU’S!!!!!!!


As I have been telling most of you riders, this week we are going to get back to work.


Training Plan


Tuesday– Clean bikes for half an hour, then one hour recovery ride. Road or Mtb bike, no matter as we are going to go slow.


Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30. Interval’s of fun. If you have a power meter please ride your road bike and PLEASE have your Head Unit.


Thursday– More intervals of fun. ALL on MTB’s today.

**NOTE: We have our Fall Fondo Pre-Ride on Sunday, October 1st so some riders will be asked to join that and may get moved around for Saturday’s ride** Ignacio will confirm with those riders this week and post by Thursday of any changes for  a handful of riders.**


Saturday– Old Man Shoot Out 6:15am

Oldest Man– To be determined. I think they start at 6:45 now but I will verify

Big Person– Cause there are some Ladies on that ride that will kick butt– 6:30am

C Team– 6:30am start MTB


Sunday– MTB all. Meet at 6:45 and leave by 7 am

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  1. Ana

    I have a mandatory band rehearsal for homecoming on Thursday so I might not make it to practice.