I am going to do my best to get things all set for the weekend. However please use the comments section to ask any questions you may have as many other parents might have the same.


Middle Schoolers


Leaving the Clubhouse as CLOSE TO 4pm as Possible on FRIDAY.


We should then arrive in Prescott at approx. 8-8:30pm


We will have dinner already prepared so we should be able to eat and go right to bed.


Please bring only healthy snacks in the van. NO CANDY OR JUNK FOOD. Also please have a water bottle. ONLY WATER


Most tents should be set up upon arrival, however coaches and parents that are coming up on Friday please be ready to build in the dark.


Kids you will need to bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping pad and pillow.


I have packing lists at the clubhouse. Please ask for one. They should make your life easier.


Also riders remember that they are particular about the shorts we wear to race. Ask me about this. Also I have your team race jerseys.


We will pre-ride the course right after breakfast on Saturday. This will give us time to then chill before the races.


Awards will be over at approx. 5pm or hopefully sooner. We will hopefully be packed and ready to depart immediately after. This has us home then at 9pm or later.


Parents if you are going up to watch and you want to take your child home, that is totally cool. In fact very helpful. As one the two vans driving up on Friday will not return until Sunday. That being Morgans.


David Cross will be driving the team van on Friday and returning with it on Saturday evening.


Middle schoolers will have lunch at camp and be able to make a car snack as well.


It will be cold this weekend, so please pack for it, also there is no shower facility.


High Schoolers


We will have much the same flow as last weekend.


Saturday morning leaving at 8:30am SHARP. Show up on time to help load things. Really don’t show up at 8:15.


We should be back in town by 8pm Sunday night.


Parents if you are going to camp. This is open field at a park style. No campsites or marked spaces. There should be plenty. I am going to arrive on Friday afternoon and try and stake out a big area. I will do my best.


Parents we always need healthy car snacks.


All  other information for the race and series can be found here: http://arizonamtb.org

3 Responses to “Lots of Logistics”

  1. Paul

    Just a heads up, I mistakenly signed up for making lunch Saturday for the team thinking I would be coming up Friday, except I’m coming up Saturday. I’m actually leaving at 8:30am Saturday and will go directly to pioneer park and will hopefully make it by 11am. I’m new at this 🙂

  2. ignacio rivera de rosales

    High school parents if any of you are going to be driving up on Saturday and can take a kid or two that would be great. So Paul if you brought your boys that would ensure all riders have that bit of extra space. Last week Jeff Mitchell had two kids in his truck and this gave the vans just enough space.

  3. Paul

    Hey guys,
    So Sam and Max will head up with us Saturday, that makes six in our car. See everyone at Pioneer Park.