This is a ten week stage race. We need to stay healthy, motivated and excited for ten weeks. This is a challenge. I know it is not easy. However we have planned for this and we knew what we were getting into, so none of it should be a surprise. That is part of controlling the controllables. Mental prep is 90% of the whole game.


I need to be aware of the health of the team, in all its ways. We are coming off the emotional high of doing really well in the first race. However that’s only one of 5. We have quite a bit of work to do. I don’t want us to get comfortable or to think that things are going to be easy. We need to be just as hungry and respectful of our competition. They now want to beat us more than ever.


I hope the idea of finishing as a team on the podium has brought us some desire. We have a legitimate shot of getting our teams 1st and 2nd over all in the state and Tucson High is on the door step of 3rd. What an incredible thing that would be. Lets dream a team dream and go for it.


This week we are going to be confident in the fitness that we have not go searching. Many of you have been sick or just now recovering. I in no way want to exhaust us this week and compromise any immune system.


I am going to recommend that everyone find two days this week to come. I want to dial it back a bit. For most of you I want to encourage that you come Tuesday and Thursday. I am going to have Wednesday practices at both times because for some of you this is when you can come.


More rest means more time to get your school work in order and your health in top shape. Not more time to waste. So please take care of school so that on the weekend you can enjoy your friends and the races.


Training Schedule


Tuesday– A mtn trail fun day. We will ride it 3- 4 times. Just having fun.


Wednesday– Two rides. 3:45 and 4:30. 3:45 Tucson High Kajeme and Cole. You guys will have a chill trail day. 4:30 will be pure skills fun.


Thursday– Classic pre race warm up.


Saturday– We want to be in the vans ready to leave at 8:30am. I will post more information later in the week about the race.



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