I want to take a second and THANK everyone for their support and help at the Fundo.


Riders I heard from multiple people and many times, how much they enjoyed riding with you all. I appreciate that you took the time and understood how important it was to engage the kind people that support you and what we do.


Thank you riders!!


Thank you parents as well. This is a village and it takes all of us. So many of you came out and worked for hours and tirelessly to help put on a great event. I really can’t thank you enough and it makes me want to get out do my best as well. THANK YOU!!!


With 3 weeks and 2 races to go, I am very confident about where our fitness and skill level is. At this point in the season I need to keep you all healthy, excited, motivated and fresh. I do not think we could go out and find a bunch of fitness right now, we just need to stay topped off and ready.


I do need you on your bikes and riding we are just not going to be searching for fitness, but we need to stay primed. I too am excited about where we are in the standing, but as of now, we have won nothing. We need to stay just as hungry. We have two to go, and tons to race for as teams.




This weeks race is in Phoenix and it is going to be hot. Parents again I am asking for pantyhose and ice. It will be critical for this race. We can’t have the riders cook.


Training Plan


Tuesday– MTB


Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30 mtb


Thursday– Classic pre-race stuff


Friday– Middle schoolers you all leave after school as close to 4pm as possible.


Parents of middle schoolers, please feel free to bring healthy snacks for the kids in the vans. Fruit is always super good.


Also middle school parents pantyhose and ice. These kids will really be hot. Please if you can, Pantyhose.


Saturday– Middle schoolers you will return after podiums and 5:15 and be home by 8pm


High schoolers we need to leave on time at 8:30am sharp. The league is going to close pre-ride with a hard closure at 3pm, so we need to be up there with time so that we do not need to rush.




Richard and Ali will not be able to attend this race which means we do not have our team mechanic. Please be very aware of the condition of your bike before we leave. Please ask early so that we can make sure that your bike is ready to roll.



7 Responses to “3 weeks and 2 races to go”

  1. Jeff yockey

    Middle school parents, if you are camping and leaving on Saturday, and are willing to leave your tent, I would happily break it down and send it back with the team. I’m doing sat/sun shifts, and the team is using our tent. Let me know. Thanks

    • Ursula

      Ray hasn’t decided if he is going or not, but either way you could use one of our tents. Email us.

    • Shannon

      Jeff- I will camp Friday and leave with middle schoolers and am happy to leave my tent for you. Text or call to confirm. 520468-8600. This is Myles’ mom!

  2. Chuck

    Fun time at the Fondo!

    I left my headlamp (orange band) in an interior pocket of one of the small team tents in Prescott. Maybe there’s a chance someone will come across it.

    Thank you all!
    Coach Chuck

  3. Don Lewis

    Fondo Fun!!

    Yes it was. Sorry about holding you back Coach Ignacio but good times had by all!!


  4. Eve

    Unfortunately I’m still a bit sick from my trip, and won’t be able to make it to practice today but I will be there tomorrow.