Sorry for some of the confusio, I have verbalized this to all kids all week, however I did not post the expectations.


If you have a road bike.


Bring it and be ready to ride in your el Grupo kit. If you only have a high school jersey then please wear that. You will ride a distance that is appropriate for you.


If you do not have a road bike, please come with an El Grupo shirt on and we will have you help in a meaningful way.


After the ride all riders are expected to hang out at the clubhouse and enjoy the nice people that have come to support the event, and thus YOU!!!


This is our biggest fund raiser of the year and all riders have been told to be available.


This has been in every newsletter as well for the last two months.


I hope to see everyone at 6:30 am super sharp and you will be able to leave at approx. 2pm ish.