This is always the hardest race to mentally handle. It is the middle of the series, you have fatigue from the first two races, and the end seems far away.


However in less than one months time, it is all over. This is actually when the series is won. Not on the first or last race but what you do in between.


Be on top of the little things all week. Prepare yourself.


We are in great position as teams to have two to three teams in the overall in the state. I hope that brings everyone some inspiration.


Winning a state championship as a team is something that you will have the rest of your lives. You might not think of it now as something to cherish, but one of my favorite high school memories is when I won a district championship with my high school relay. I don’t remember the parties, or the super important music show I had to see, but winning that relay is printed in my head. It was worth the sacrifices I made.


Training Plan


Mountain bikes all week.


Tuesday and Thursday 4:30 start times


Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30


Friday– Middle schoolers will not be leaving. You all get one more night in your beds.


Saturday– Middle schoolers leave at 8am.

Please arrive at 7:30am


Saturday– High Schoolers leaving at 8:30am

Please arrive at 8am


Middle schoolers you will all return on Saturday


High schoolers we will return on Sunday.

3 Responses to “Race #3 Prep Week”

  1. Benedict

    So just to clarify, there will be no practice on Thursday or Tuesday

  2. Ignacio

    Ben, good question. I updated the blog. Yes practice on Tuesday and thursday

  3. Caleb Huggins

    I cannot come to practice on Tuesday because it is my dads birthday but I will be there Wednesday and Thursday