I am back and very excited to hear from you all.


We are in my favorite time of year. No racing, just the good work. The good work that takes us to beautiful places.


This time of year is again all about consistency, but then really everything in life if about consistency. Know who you are, believe in it, and truly trust it. This time of year keeps you honest because the goals are far off, but the commitment is real, NOW.


Tuesday– Amy Charity, ex pro and world champ is coming to talk with us. This is a legit practice and I really hope for perfect attendance. I have read her book, and she is amazing.


Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30 Endurance road rides


Thursday– 4:30 Endurance road ride.


All The time from now until late March, you absolutely must come to practice with lights charged, or you will be sent home, or sat in a trainer. NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 Responses to “I’m Baaack”

  1. Lily M

    I can’t make it to tomorrow’s practice, but can go Wednesday and Thursday.

  2. Ana

    I cannot make it to practice tomorrow because of mandatory jazz band rehearsal. Ben is going to send me the workout, so I will do that and I will try to get a ride in after rehearsal

  3. myles

    I bonked yesterday and it sucked, be fueled for the endurance (not recovery) rides.

  4. Craig Sumberg

    Assuming there is a Grupo ride tomorrow morning (Saturday), yes? What time should Jordan be there? And is there a group riding mountain bikes, or it is all road bikes tomorrow? – Craig Sumberg