Congratulations everyone on an incredible season. Had you told me this is how it would go at the beginning of the season, I would have taken this in a heart beat. Not just the results, but all of the personal victories as well. Everyone has at least  one race that they can look back with huge satisfaction.


The next three weeks we are going to rest, prepare and play. I want to keep you all together and of course at the same time give you all some much needed time off.


Week of the 6th– Rest

Week of the 13th– Prep

Week of the 20th– Play


Week of the 6th

Tuesday– Kitt Fitt Day. We have the voler fit kits and we need everyone to come and try on the generic clothing so that they know what sizes of clothes to order. You are in charge of ordering your clothes through the web site store that we have set up, so we need you to come in and try things on. 4:30 to 6pm


Wednesday– OFF


Thursday– Capture the Flag. Everyone please bring a bandanna to play.


Saturday– OFF


Sunday– Swap meet. Everyone needs to sign up on the doodle poll that Daniela sent out. This is important and a chunk of our budget, so please everyone sign up.


Week of the 13th


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

4:30- 6


We are going to split everyone up into three groups. You will rotate then through different programs over the days.


Day One– Everyone is going to get fit on their road bikes

Day Two– Pilates class

Day Three– Mechanics class with Richard




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