First, Youth on the team, please post if you are able to come.


The hike will be to the top of Mt. Wrightson, this is the peak of the Santa Rita Mountains, which are just south of us and east of Green Valley. Approx. a 45 min drive from the clubhouse.


The hike is very strenuous and takes approx. 5 hours. It is approx. 14 miles long.


You will need some food, ideas are: two sandwiches, fruit, 2 liters of water, and something salty like a bag of pretzels.


Parents I need some help. I will be out of town and some coaches have offered help however some want to do El Tour.


So I need at the very least two parents who can drive two vans.


One van should leave earlier at approx. 6:30am. This van should be full of slower hikers, or not as experienced hikers. I want all kids to make it to the top this year.


The second van should leave at approx. 7:30am. This van should be full of confident hikers.


I hope this allows all kids to reach the top together. We have done this hike before and there are some kids who have never made it to the top.


This hike is awesome and it rewards those who make the summit with incredible views of Southern Arizona.


Parents who are able to drive do not have to hike the whole mountain. Really they just need to drive and point the kids in the right direction. There are trail markers the whole way. It is very well signed. So if parents can drive and just want to hang out at 5,000 ft, that is totally cool.


So please post and let me know what you might be able to do.



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  1. myles

    it will be cold and windy so bring appropriate clothing

    I will be there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!