I hope this finds everyone well and excited for a different and beautiful bike ride. Arrival = Sunday


That is what it is, a long wonderful day in the saddle with friends. We should not be attacking each other, but just enjoying company and rolling big miles (and smiles).


Coaches– Ali, David Cross, Ron, Keenan, Donovan ( how is your back? ), Richard( we hope you feel well enough)


The ride will leave the clubhouse and we will go via the Shoot Out Route to Green Valley. We then parallel the highway a few miles to Amado. There we make our west bound turn and head to Arivaca. This route is approx. 90 miles as the finish is back in Amado, where we all jump in the vans that await us.


With the number of kids in town, that are healthy, I believe we should only need two vans in Amado.


Drivers? I am happy to drive a van and trailer there, and maybe David Cross? This allows David to go the long route for Kitt Peak as he requested.


The Amado crew has the options to ride 50 or 70 miles. This will be out and back.


There will be two groups that leave the clubhouse to ride the 90.


Group One should leave at 8am. Coaches who would like to join them?


Group two should leave at 8:30am. Coaches who would like to join them?


I will leave with another coach at 8am and drive to Amado and park.


We all will go on our rides and meet at the cafe in Arivaca to have lunch. We all then depart the cafe together and load up in Amado.


The Arivaca road is a paradise of rollers with views of Baboquivari that are second to none.



24 Responses to “Arivaca Logistics – Sunday, Dec 31st”

  1. Erika N Colombi

    What day is this happening? I have been confused on days and we missed the camping trip (my fault) I don’t want him to miss this as well! So is this for Saturday? Hopefully not today as I just got up and read this 🙁

    • Daniela

      Hi Erika,

      The plan has remained the same as was handed out and emailed out at the start of December. I added in to this post that Arivaca ride is on Sunday. Of course, there are still rides on Saturday (shoot out, etc) that have already been posted about. Same as usual. I will email you another calendar of winter break now. Hope that helps!

  2. Caleb Huggins

    Planning to be there but i hurt my wrist pretty badly so I will let you know how it feels on Saturday afternoon.

  3. Eve

    I won’t be able to make it my cousin is in town and we already made plans

  4. Jesus Fernando Amaya

    I will not be able to make it tommorrow because I am sick and will not be riding for a couple days