C Team– GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! Colin Holmes is back and ready to ride with you all.


Saturday C Team Ride. 7:45am start. Road Ride. Plan on three hours.


School Understanding.


School comes before riding your bike. I know this is a crazy time of year with finals and end of semester work. Please prioritize your school work, and use practice as a way of de–stressing. Use riding your bike and seeing your friends as a way to blow off the stress from school.

SO I totally understand that attendance this past week and this coming week will be spotty. I hope to see you all as much as possible, but I understand.


That is also why I always make huge plans for Winter break.

7 Responses to “C Team ride and School Understanding”

  1. Caleb Huggins

    I will not be on the shootout tomorrow, I have a family Christmas party that my parents want me to go to

  2. Mostyn

    I will not be riding tomorrow because I have to study for finals. I will also be gone 12/21 through 12/29.

  3. Thorsten

    Cannot come Tuesday, knee ingury and finals. Gonna see a docter about my knee.

  4. Lily M

    Can’t come today, have to study for math test and organize my science binder.

    • Thorsten

      Never mind, docter said to take it easy. I will ride with my parents on Sunday.