Finals Week– I know you are all busy finishing school well, however I do hope that many of you can come, when you can, to let off some stress.


Rain and Weather Policy– We are rain or shine, always have been. All coaches were on hand ready to deliver a great workout. We had workouts for indoors and outdoors depending on the clothing kids brought.


Goals– Your dreams and race goals arrive no matter the weather. The race or event you want to get ready for will happen, no matter the weather. We have to learn to be ready.


Clothing– IT is mandatory for everyone to bring arm and knee/leg warmers, and a vest to every practice from here until March. END OF STORY. I no longer want to see kids pretending not to be cold and rolling out with nothing but jersey and shorts in 50 degree weather.


Lights– IF you don’t have them, you don’t ride. DONE


Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30 MTB options

3:45 Road only option


Thursday– 4:30 road only


Saturday– 7, 7:15 and 7:30. It is going to be freezing cold. If I do not think you are dressed well enough, I will not let you ride. Please dress smart.

C Team at 7:45


Sunday– 8am Start. Road and MTB options.


One Response to “Finals Week”

  1. Caleb Huggins

    I will not be there Wednesday and Thursday but I will be there Saturday and sunday