Friday– This is going to be a ride just for kids that ride the Shoot Outs. No C team ride. Sorry just two coaches, and C team you have a big weekend coming up .


2 rides on Friday. Both starting at 8:30 from the clubhouse. Road Rides. With some fun dirt sections.


Should be 3 hours long.


Some of you who have been to all the rides so far, please self access and come only if you are feeling fresh. Most of you should feel pretty tired and totally understand if take this one off.


Others of you have been on vacation or not feeling so well, so this is great way to get back on the bike. This will be a fun ride, that is not too crazy hard, but should help you get things going again.


Saturday– Shoot outs. 7am, 7:15 and 7:30. I am going to encourage you all again to ride Gates with me. Some of you should even try Madera.

C Team ride is at 7:45 with Colin.


Sunday– Arivaca. I will put up logistics tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Friday and Saturday”

  1. Ethan Sotelo

    I will be haveing a dentist appointment on Friday but I will be there Saturday and Sunday.

  2. Lily M

    I can’t come on Saturday because we are going to Mexico. I will be back on Tuesday.