To everyone who rode both days this past weekend. BRAVO!!!!


That wind was crazy on Sunday and after the extra we piled on, on Saturday, you all should feel very proud of the work you put in.


This time of year is all about being able to repeat the efforts and to keep things going. So be mindful of that these next two weeks. Endurance pace should be followed.


This is week 3 of this base period and I am going to throw in two new wrinkles to this all.


Everyone except those riding with Max Cronyn:


  1. I want all of you to ride the rollers for 15 min before practice everyday. I have 5- 6 of them out. Those that can get on early please do. But I want everyone to ride them for 15min everyday.

2. We are going to have MTB rides on Wednesday along with a road ride as well. You must comment though if you would like to MTB. I need to be able to plan.

3. There is going to be a MTB option on Sunday as well.



Training Plan


Continuing with the base period, riding steady and building strength through cross training.


Tuesday- 4:30 Road Only


Wednesday– 3:45 Road and MTB options

4:30 Road and MTB options


Thursday– 4:30 road only


Saturday– 7am Oldest man

7:15 Old Man

7:30 Big Person


Sunday– 7:30am start. Road and MTB options.


15 Responses to “Keep it going”

  1. Ana

    I’m down to mountain bike on Wednesday. I am going on the Grupito camping trip this weekend so I’ll miss Sunday but ride with them

  2. Lily M

    I’m still really sick so I’m not coming to practice tomorrow. I will hopefully come the rest of the week.