LAST DAY OF SCHOOL– at least for most of you. Enjoy the day. Enjoy your friends and family


I do need you all to respond though, I have quite a bit of food to buy and coordinating to do to make everything work and I need to know how many people I am doing this for, SO PLEASE RESPOND:


Sunday 24 Reddington ride– Please tell me if you are going


December 26th and 27th– Please tell me if you are going up to 24 Hour town and plan on camping. Parents, YES, we would love help and please join us.


24 hour Town camp out– Depart approx. 8 am from clubhouse.

Return from town approx. 4pm arrive back at clubhouse.



23 Responses to “Reddington and 24 Hour Camp Out– PLEASE RESPOND”

  1. Ana

    I will be at Reddington and my family will be at the camp out (mom and siblings)

  2. Ali

    Richard and I will be there for Redington and only at 24 Hour on the 26th (no camping) since we both work on Wednesday.

  3. Nathaniel

    I will be able to go to both rides, but a shorted ride on Sunday 24 will work out better for me.

    • Susie

      There is a race that we do in the spring called the 24 hour race and once a year before the race we go and camp out at the venue for a night and ride the course three or four times. It’s out by willow springs ranch about an hour away.

  4. Izzie

    Yes to the camp out, but I won’t be able to make it to Reddington. Happy holidays y’all!

  5. Caleb Huggins

    I will be there both days but a shorter ride on Sunday would be nicer for me

  6. Paul B

    Max and Sam will be coming to both events ( reddington & the camp out ). I’ll be coming only for the camp out and possibly Olivia too.

  7. Lily M

    I’ll be at both rides, but it would be nice if reddington was shorter. My dad will be at the campout.

  8. Catherine James

    Caden and Brayden won’t be able to make the Reddington ride, but will be at the 24 hour camp out on Tuesday.