Depart 7:30 in vans.


Arrive at 7:15 sharp to load


At Agua Caliente park at 8:30


Butts on Bike at 9am


Ride for 2- 2.5 hours up


Bomb down for 1 hour


Home by hopefully 1-2pm


This is a mountain bike or gravel bike ride. You could do it on a road bike, but it would be rough coming down.


Ethan Overson– ride your mtb tomorrow up. It is beautiful and it would be good for you to change things up


Quinn and Matthew talk to each other and get out tomorrow for 3-4 hours.

5 Responses to “Reddington Ride”

  1. Oliver

    I will be leaving to go on vacation on Sunday and I will be gone for most of the break

  2. Leonardo

    I will not go tommorrow to Reddington because I am leaving for vacation.I will not be here most of the break.

  3. Caleb Huggins

    Sorry can’t come tomorrow. Family day to make Christmas food and deserts and secret Christmas errands for my mom