We have time.


We have time to put the work in.


We have time to learn how to do the little things.


We have the time to dream.


You need to use the time!!


Don’t let it slip away, that’s the easy part.


Caring enough to be mindful of the time you inhabit and are moving towards makes you who you want to be.


Challenge yourself!!!!


This week we are continuing to build our base for the season to come.


I have created small groups for you all to ride in, so that you can get the biggest benefit possible out of these rides.


This is going to again be an all road bike week. Next week we will bring back some MTBing so please start to ensure that they are ready.


Tuesday– Endurance road ride.


Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30 endurance road ride


Thursday– 4:30


Saturday– Shoot outs

7am, 7:15 and 7:30 respectively


Sunday– MT lemmon.


Sometimes the work that needs to get done is monotonous, but it is the work that needs to get done.

8 Responses to “The Fun Continues”

  1. Maddy Mitchell

    I think I left my phone at the clubhouse, if anyone finds it could you please let me know where it is?

  2. Caleb Huggins

    Can’t come today, not feeling well and need to study for finals and tests.

  3. Jesus Fernando Amaya

    Couldn’t make it to practice today because I had to much homework

  4. Nathaniel

    I won’t beable to make practice on Saturday because I am taking the UHS test.