Thursday– I, Ignacio, very likely will not be at practice tomorrow. STAR WARS comes out tomorrow, and in my house that is bigger than Florida State beating Florida, at least for Daniela and Damiano. So riders please be cool, get ready on time, get on the rollers, be well dressed, have your lights. Do all the things that you know to do to be ready, without me having to tell you, then remember to be respectful to the wonderful coaches who put so much time into helping you achieve your goals.


Saturday– Shoot outs. 7am, 7:15 and 7:30. Again this week we will be adding extra so please pack accordingly.


Sunday– MTB and Road options. Both start at 7:30am. Coaches please tell me what you can do so that I can plan. I will be on the Grupito camp out with Damiano, so again I will be able to attend.



It is worth watching if you like to laugh

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