Valley racers– Quinn, Ethan, Matthew, Unai, Jack, Rogan, Kajeme, Samuel Zukowsky


These coming two weeks are the last of your base/ endurance block of the winter. I hope to make these the biggest weeks of the block and probably of the year. Week 2 should be bigger than week 1, and I have put together a calendar that I believe will achieve that. Please communicate with each other and the coaches as to what you will be able to attend, so we know how to plan.


This weekend should be set, Shoot Out plus Gates on Saturday. Sunday you may ride Reddington with us, or if not please go ride the Lemmon to Windy Point. Go very well dressed of course.


Next week when we head out for 24 Hour town, Tuesday and Wednesday, I hope you guys get together and ride. 3-4 hours each day. I will secure a coach for those days.


After that you guys are on the team plan, riding Kitt peak, Hopkins, One other change is that on Wednesday the 3rd of January, I have coaches ready to take you up to the Valley road course, so that you can pre ride it.


This block works best with consistency, so please let me know who is in town and what you guys are hoping to do.


I will  also be around tomorrow after the Shoot out to answer any and all questions.