Oldest Man Starts at 7am. You all will be riding around after Sprint hill, so be prepared


Old Man 7:15 am. We are going over Gates on the way home some of you, so be prepared. No complaining.


Big Person 7:30 am. See you all on Gates.


No C Team ride. Colin is again out of town.


Anyone riding on Saturday must arrive with Knee warmers, arm warmer and a vest.  We will determine what to wear in the morning.




7:30 am start, leaving from the clubhouse. Mt Lemmon. You may meet up along the way if needed.


Again we will try our best to be back by 11am.


I will be driving a van out to the base with a trailer for many of the C team riders.


3 Responses to “Weekend of December 9th and 10th”

  1. Lori Huggins

    Caleb will not be there this morning. He has been sick and can’t seem to kick it. Staying home to rest and hopefully feel better for school tomorrow.