LOTS of Important Info in here – PLEASE READ!!


1.) Homework – In preparation for Sunday’s Team Presentation and Supporter Appreciation, ALL RIDERS are being asked/required to prepare a short response to one of the following questions.

  • It should be no more than a half page or 250 words or less.
  • It should be heartfelt, sincere.
  • It should express gratitude that you feel to those who make it possible and will be reading/listening to these statements.
  • It is DUE before 5pm THIS SATURDAY. 
  • Typed up, emailed to Daniela, printed or neatly handwritten so that someone else can read it.

For 6th grade and younger:  What is your favorite thing about El Grupo/ito?

For 7th and 8th grade: What do you think is the most valuable skill(s) el Grupo has taught you?  (that can/will be used outside of el Grupo)

For 9th and 10th grade: What skills have you gained while on El Grupo that help you NOW in other aspects of your life?

For Juniors and Seniors: When you move on from El Grupo and look back on your time with the team, what experiences will you value most?


2) Manzo Bike Club! An expectation of all Team El Grupo riders is to contribute through outreach at Manzo Bike Club at least TWICE each semester. Coach Donovan has put together a Doodle Poll to help you pick the dates you want. The sooner you sign up, the more likely that is. If you cannot make a Monday 4-5pm or now Fridays 3-5pm, on any of these dates, after carefully reviewing them, please email Donovan – donovan@elgrupocycling or sign up NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 1ST! Failure to do one of these things will mean YOU WILL MISS the next race/event coming up. Seriously. No excuses. This is important. Please do it!


3) Saturday Road Race Logistics: 

If you are racing Cat 1/2 or 3/4 Men OR Women 1/2/3 – Meet at clubhouse at 6:15am   Leave at 6:30am

You will be on site around 7:30. First race starts at 9am

Race schedule is here – page 12


If you are racing Juniors, Men 4/5 or Women 3/4/5 – Meet at clubhouse at 9:00am  Leave at 9:15am

You will be on site around 10:15am. First race starts at 11:45am

***We desperately need HELP WITH DRIVERS of the 2nd wave – 2 vans/trailers will need to go up*** Please comment or contact Ignacio if you can help!


Bring a change of clothes and snacks. We will have some but bring what you like to help you recover after a race.


If you don’t know if you are racing or which wave you are racing in, just ask ASAP. Thanks!


11 Responses to “Important: Homework for Sunday, Manzo sign up, & Saturday Details”

  1. Ken Youens-Clark

    Oliver’s dad here. Do I need training in order to drive the vans?

  2. jeremia

    hello, am I signed up for this race? I also don’t know what category I am.

  3. Craig Sumberg

    Jordan also doesn’t know what group he is in. Please advise. Tx.

  4. Izaac

    Hey, Coach, I am feeling better and will be able to race, but I am not sure what race I am going to do. Also, my sister said that I have a special question that I have to answer at the team, presentation please respond.