Happy New Year!!


I hope everyone had a fun and safe night and is looking forward to the year to come.


We have one more big week left and then we finally get to rest.


Jan. 2nd Kitt Peak


2 ride options


1st– Leave from clubhouse at 8:30am. Ride out to the mountain, up, and then back to 3 points. This is approx. 90 miles.

Please again no packaged food


2nd option– Leave from clubhouse at 8:30am. Get driven out to 3 points then ride to the mountain, up and back to 3 points. This is approx. 50 miles.


The team will again provide lunch. Please pack enough food for a long day.


Richard  and Ron will drive vans out to three points


David Cross and Matt Jones will lead the group from the clubhouse


This is another long day, back by approx. 3pm




I want to make this mandatory if you are riding at Valley.


Ron and maybe Max Cronyn are going to drive you up to the road race course in Casa Grande. This will not be a big day at all of riding, however it is always advantageous to know the course . This is an advantage we can have, so we should take it. Valley is no joke, National level racing, we need all the help we can get.


8:30am leaving the clubhouse and driving up. On location by 9:30. Leaving location at noon, home by 1pm


January 3rd – for ALL – Academic Kickoff Party @ 4pm – We will use this time to decorate the little clubhouse some too! Maybe come early and clean up your mountain bike to get it ready for Hopkins?!


January 4th Mt Hopkins


Two ride options again. Both leaving clubhouse at 8:30am again.


1st Option. Ride from the clubhouse to the mountain, up and back to the highway. This is approx 70 miles with an amazing mountain.

2nd Option. Get a ride to the highway exit. Ride from the highway, up and back. This is approx. 40 ish miles. This group will ride mountain bikes.


This mountain is not paved the whole way. It is very steep and difficult. It is recommended to ride a mountain bike or a gravel bike up. However some of the crazy kids on the team in the past have ridden up on road bikes. This is only for the crazy. I would not, but it has been done.


So most kids should take option 2. Only if you have a gravel bike, or are crazy should you take option 1.


Ignacio would like to take option 1 kids.


Richard and Daniela will take option 2 kids.



Please post and tell me which rides you would like to do. I need to know so that I can plan accordingly. Food and Transportation logistics.

Also please make sure to pack plenty of food. These are long rides.

Also make sure to bring clothes. We are riding up big mountains and descents are cold, so please plan accordingly.


A road bike atop Hopkins


Glorious Hopkins switch backs


36 Responses to “Jan 2nd, 3rd and 4th”

  1. Ana

    Happy New Year coach! I want to do Option 1 tomorrow and option 2 for Hopkins

  2. Rebecca Sotelo

    Ethan Sotelo will be there for both rides, he would like to do option one tomorrow and option two for Mt. Hopkins.
    I’m not sure if he’ll be able to attend the academic kick off on the third, he needs a ride there.

  3. Benedict

    I will do option one for Tuesday
    I will do option two for Thursday

  4. Caleb Huggins

    Will not be there for Kitt Peak because my wrist is still pretty bad. I will be there for the academic party and hopefully my wrist is better for Hopkins but I don’t know

  5. Mostyn

    I will do option 2 for Kitt Peak and I cant make it on Thursday.

  6. Jesus F

    My dad and I will be riding out to Kitt Peak option 1, my mom will pick us up at three points. I’ll be doing option 2 for Mt Hopkins.

  7. Michael Jansky

    I cannot do Tuesday, will come on Wednesday,and option two on Thursday.

  8. Izzie

    Kitt Peak: Option two, I still have a bit cough.
    Hopkins: Hopefully option one, if I am well enough for it.

  9. Chuck

    Happy New Year to you all. Went down to the crud over the holidays. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Cheers!

  10. Steve Bohn

    Provided my cough clears up a bit, I will be there for option 2 on Thursday am.