Sunday Fun Day


All rides leaving the clubhouse at 8:30am.


Lets leave on time.


Two options: MTB or road. You know which one I want you on.


Each one will be riding from the clubhouse and be 3 hours long.


All who raced today are encouraged to come.


Road ride is going to be led by Silber member, Alec Cowan. So come looking pro. This will be a west side ride. Sorry Ethan.



MTB ride will be to Starr Pass to get you all home on time.


Team Presentation


Riders please arrive well dressed to the clubhouse at 2:30pm.


Event goes until 5 pm.


Please send your homework question answers to Daniela tonight at the very latest.





2 Responses to “Sunday Fun day and Team Presentation”

  1. Thorsten

    Doing feild work with my dad tomorrow. Schedule doesn’t work out. I will be there for the kitt though.