First off, sorry for the very late post. I forgot that I had a swim meet of Damiano’s today.


This is the end of your base block, the block that allows you to have the endurance and strength to finish the hardest events and get through the toughest days. Many of you have been incredible, riding more miles and gaining more elevation than you ever have. Bravo to you all.


Others of you were afraid of the challenge and made excuses. My job as coach is to constantly get you to climb the next step on the ladder. Too many of you though fight against the challenge and give reasons why you can’t or don’t want to. I understand that reaching for the next one is hard, but that is what life is. Or at least the way I see it. Always searching for that next challenge that next piece of adventure.


That said please remember that this whole thing is an input– output equation.


The more you come, the harder you try, the more you find reasons to come, the more cool events you get to do and the more races you can participate in.


Those of you who make excuses, please be prepared to not do all that you thought you were going to do.


Input– output


I am trying to make a point. As coach I always want 100 % attendance and 100 % effort. Anything less is not good enough.


Four Options for Sunday:


All meeting at clubhouse at 8am


Option 1– MTB ride with Matt Jones. I will decide if you can go. This will be a big kid ride in the Tucson Mountains.


Option 2 — MTB ride with Ali in Tucson Mountains. Not as big, and for those who make excuses


Option 3– ADVENTURE RIDE in Patagonia,  AZ with Ignacio and Nick King.

This is a gravel road ride. Approx. 50 miles. Mountain bike would be great.

Leave clubhouse at 8:15.

Arrive Patagonia 9am.

Leave on ride at 9:15am.

Finish by 1:30 ish.

Back home by 3pm.


Option 4– All Valley kids except maybe Kajeme who has a gravel bike.

Mt Lemmon leaving clubhouse at 8am.

At base of mountain at 9am.

Riding to Windy Point



7 Responses to “Sunday Fun Day and the End”

  1. Ana

    Thank you for that coach! You get out what you put in.
    I would like to do the adventure with you and Nick!