This weekend was just fantastic. I want to thank all the parents that support their kids to come to practice. I know it takes a lot of coordination and time but I thank you for it.


Thank you as well to all the staff and coaches on this team. Without you all we are not a team. THANK YOU


I am most proud of how we raced this weekend. I will not spend any time talking about the amazing results we garnered, as there were many, I want to spend time and thank all the youth on the team for racing as a team. For understanding that together we are stronger and we will go farther as a unit. I could go on and on about the so many ways that this was displayed this weekend, but I will speak with the kids on Tuesday.


This was a fantastic weekend of team work and camaraderie and thank all the youth for putting the team first.


This is just the beginning of the season and these kids are not on form yet. I have been working them hard to prepare them for later in the season. If you want to be good at every race, then you will only be good. If you want to be great at races you have to accept that some are for training and will not be peak events. We want peaks at the important races, not good enough plateau’s  at all of them.


So we have another good week of training before we rest. We are trying to finish this block strong.


Training Plan


Tuesday– Road bikes only.  LT intervals


Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30 Endurance rides

3:45 road and mountain options– 4:30 mountain only


Thursday– LT intervals road bikes only


Saturday– Those doing Valley– Picacho Peak TT, then riding home

7am Oldest man going all the way around

7:15 Old Man with Gates

C Team 7:30


Sunday– MTB Arizona Trail. YES actually this time!! 7:30 meet at clubhouse

Valley Kids 3- 4 hours tempo. NO EXCUSES



3 Responses to “That went really well”

  1. Lily M.

    I can’t make it on Saturday, is the Sunday ride for C team as well?

  2. Lily M.

    I can’t make it on Saturday, is the Sunday ride to AZ trails for C team as well?