Here comes Road Racing season with some sweet new Mountain bike events as well


We really have a packed schedule coming up this season and I want everyone to achieve what they have dreamed about.


Your dreams should also be wonderfully terrifying. They should keep you honest and humble, but eager for the journey.


I hope to inspire you all to dream big and to go for it. Remembering that trusting yourself enough to try is the greatest victory of all. Succumbing to fear of failure and thus not trying is guaranteed failure.


How you do anything is how you do everything, so lets give this all a go.


The next three weeks are going to be a classic El Grupo building block. We are going to have 2 straight weeks of VO2 intervals, with the hope that we get a bump in fitness, so that when we start with out LT work in the third week, we are training even harder and better.


For those of you who performed a power test please be ready to work with me to establish your training zones. These will be taped to your bike so you can train smart.


I want this done before practice on Tuesday, so come and see me before.


Training Plan


Tuesday– VO2 intervals Road bike or MTB bikes


Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30

MTB options for both 3:45 and 4:30

Only Road option is at 3:45

These will be fun endurance rides to recover from the VO2 work and to prepare for the next wave


Thursday– VO2 intervals Road bike or MTB bikes


Saturday– Picacho Peak Road Race. I will put logistics up later this week.

All information for Arizona road races can be found here:

C Team ride at 7:45


Sunday– Team Presentation in the afternoon

Long Temp Road Ride

MTB at Arizona trail

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