Saturday– We need to be in Oracle by 7:15 am.

We need to leave the clubhouse at 6:15am.

Lets meet at 6am sharp to load up and go.

This is for everyone other than those racing in the men 3/4, Women 1/2/3 and men 1/2/3

Those of you racing in these categories need to be in Oracle at 8:30am.

You then need to leave at 7:30am.

So meet at the clubhouse at 7:15am.


All youth, please bring a change of warm clothes, and a good after race snack/ lunch.


I, Ignacio, I will be driving up with the 1st group. Two vans are needed, so I need one more driver.


We need one more driver for the later group.


So I need two drivers, one in the early wave and one for the later wave.


1st group should be returning at noon so home by 1pm.

2nd group should be returning at 2pm so home by 3pm ish.



Sunday– Junior boys 15-18 Race starts at 7:10am. We need to be on site at 6:15. We will leave the clubhouse on bikes at 6am. Bring plenty of warm clothes.


All other juniors, women 4/5 and girls 9- 14, you need to be on site at 9am. So leave the clubhouse at 8:45am. Bring warm clothes to change into.


Junior girls 15-18 you need to be on site at 10:45am. Leave the clubhouse at 10:30. Yes all girls you will be doing this one. A great time to practice team work.


Men 4/5 You need to be on site at 11am. Leave the clubhouse at 10:45am.


Women 3/4 you will be on site still for your next race as will the 3/4 men and those who want to do the 1/2/3 races.


All information can be found here:


On Sunday I want to very much encourage families to hang out and enjoy the later races of the day. The later in the day, the better the races. So please stick around if you can and enjoy, learn and cheer. The race is on the eastern end of the mall on campus by Campbell ave. The race goes around a nice grassy field, so everyone can find a relaxing spot to enjoy the show.

EDIT Colin here adding info about my ride: I will be leading a 1-1.5 hour ride on Sunday for any C team riders who aren’t racing. I expect you to ride with your teammates to the races and watch the races until 10:30 or 11:00. Then we’ll head out for a ride that will end at the club house by 12-12:30.

5 Responses to “Weekend Logistics”

  1. Nathaniel

    I cannot make practice tonight. I really don’t feel well and I want to feel better for Saturday.

  2. Rebecca Sotelo

    Hi Ignacio, I’m sorry to be such a PIA, I just want to confirm that Ethan is riding Men 4/5 for Sunday….thank you

  3. Ana

    I just want to thank my teammates today! When I needed some sugar water, Jesus dropped back to find me some. When he did, Little Maddy gave urban all she had to bring it up to me. That is what a team is. We did what we needed to and everyone put in their part. I could not have done it without all my teammates. But a big huge special thank you to Jesus and Little Maddy!