I find myself often wanting to write about how, this weekend is important, or this week is important, and I feel as though it’s like I am often crying wolf.


However trying to become your best is like building a house. Every aspect of the house is important, from the foundation to the framing, walls, plumbing and everything after and in between.


So yes every aspect of the plan that I put together has an essential and critical part to the over all process. It really works when you see through each aspect.


So this weekend on Sunday we are going to have a power test. This will allow us to quantify the work we are going to do in the weeks to come. It will allow us to train smarter and thus harder. If you have a power you must have it fully ready to go for Sunday.


Saturday– Colin is back, healthy and very excited. 7:45 leaving sharp on road bikes.

Shoot Outs– no extra– 7am oldest, 7:15 old man, 7:30 Fast people



Sunday— Power Test at Mt Lemmon.

Leaving the clubhouse at 8:30am.

2 Responses to “Weekend of fun”

  1. Craig Sumberg

    Ignacio: Can you clarify if Jordan/C Group is/are expected to participate tomorrow (Sunday) morning? Colin wasn’t sure. Tx.

  2. Steve Bohn

    I will join in the power test fun for Sunday-will meet you in route just east of the UA on University/3rd unless you route will be different.