Please read this entire post even if you cannot go to the race—we need your help in other ways. We can only give our riders the support they need with your help.


Included in the post:

-Details for Sunday, Feb. 11th pre-ride/set-up

· Volunteers jobs

· Items we need from you

· When to drop off food and other items

· Directions to the race

· Car pooling and parking info

· Your family is welcome but…..


Sunday, February 11th: We will be meeting at the clubhouse at 8am – leaving by 8:30am. If you can go up to help set up tents it will go faster. Should be home around 2pm.


Ø The most important need: If you will be at the race please sign up to be a team handler. This is a very important job and will be easy if we have enough volunteers. We need 10-15 more people to sign up. We are asking each parent to commit to at least ONE handler shift – to support those who are handling for the whole 24 hours. .

o Each team needs minimum of 2 handlers and an alternate = 3 handlers

o The alternate may have to work for just 3-4 hours.

o Click on this link to sign up:

o Do not worry about which team you are signing up for, this will just get your name on the list and we will sort out teams next week.

o For information or questions please call Maya Adams 520-262-9964. All handlers will be trained before the race or their shift.


Ø Sign up to bring fruit or homemade snacks here:

Please drop off fruit, snacks and homemade cookies or muffins on Friday morning. Call Shannon 520-468-8600 if you need to make other arrangements for drop off.


Ø Donations needed:

o Firewood–drop off is at the clubhouse by Thursday at 5:00 p.m.

o Generators—we need to borrow 2 or 3, Call Lynn, 520-269-5318, if you have one

o Water–bring 5-gallon water containers only- bring to clubhouse by Thursday

o White Christmas lights –6 or so—text Shannon 520-468-8600


Ø Directions: Here is a map Travel info and Map

If you stay to the right on the Epic Ride Expressway and go past the 3rd set of bathrooms you will find us.

“Event weekend camp fees for participants are included in the registration fee. Non-riding attendees are required to pay $5 at the entrance.

ALL attendees (riding & non-riding) are required to donate 2 canned goods at the entrance.”


Ø Parking: There will be no parking left near our camp and we cannot save spaces. If you come up for the day please park outside the entrance and ride your bike or walk (its less then ½ mile. Between 3000-5000 people will be at this race – car pooling is essential. The road in the 24 Hour town can be rutted and narrow and very congested. Go to Epic Rides website for more info


Ø All family members are welcome to cheer on the teams but we cannot feed everyone. If you volunteer you will be fed – and we need handlers–please sign up for a shift. We will be feeding 75-90 people for 3 days so please come prepared to feed yourselves if you cannot volunteer. It will be hot in the day and chilly at night – bring hats, and water etc…. Thank you!


Ø Carpooling: Please try to coordinate rides with other families. Bring a mountain bike and ride in – El Grupo camp is a 1 mile to ¾ of a mile from parking.

o Post on the blog if you can offer a ride or need a ride


Thank you for joining the fun!

Maya, Kate, Shannon and Daniela

3 Responses to “24 hour info”

  1. ignacio rivera de rosales

    Is there a parent that is coming out tomorrow that can drive one of the vans? So far I have three drivers, Myself, Daniela and Morgan. I need one more. please comment here

  2. Mary Belle

    I need a ride. Is there a parent that is going to drive up to 24-hours place on Saturday evening? Mary Belle (Leo´s Mom)