Please be prepared for it to be a muddy mess. Bring appropriate clothes and attitude.


So far here is what I have for when kids are leaving:


8:30am– Ali, Daniela, Ignacio, Damiano, Ana, Myles, Caden, Brayden, Susie, Kaileen, Eve, Camilla, Oliver, Leonardo.


4pm– Madison, Nathaniel, Jeremia, Thorstan, Lily Vitt, Jesus, Estevan. There are only 11 seats in this van after Chuck Barclay gets in to drive. These kids listed get first dibs on seats. If you have not posted, then I cannot account for you. Also this van please be prepared that it will take you three hours to get to camp. Please pack a snack. It will take an hour and half to get to the dirt and for sure an extra hour and a half once you get to the dirt. Good Luck it will be crazy

10 Responses to “24 Hour News and Notes”

  1. Benedict Colombi

    I can leave in whichever group you need me to be. Whatever is more convenient for your planing.

  2. Kristen long

    Dillon and I will be at el Grupo by 0815 – he can ride where you tell him to

  3. paul

    Hey guys, looking forward to this weekend. Are the Handler times on signup genius the actual times that handler’s will be on the clock? If not when will this be determined because that would effect when my arrival time?